Australia Working Holiday Visa

Australian Working Holiday Visa scheme allows working holiday makers to have an extended holiday in Australia by earning incidental wages from work and enjoy some travelling around Australia at the same time.

Australian Working Holiday Visa Application Conditions: -

All applications for  Australian Working Holiday Visa must be made outside of Australia. Applicants must:

be aged between 18 and 30

have an eligible passport (see list below)

have no dependent children

The main reason for a Working Holiday Maker coming to Australia should be for holiday. Any work should be to support themselves while holidaying. Applicants should have a return ticket or sufficient funds for a return or onward fare and sufficient funds for their initial stay.

A Working Holiday Maker is permitted to do any kind of work of a temporary or casual nature. As the main purpose of the visit is for holiday and travel - please note that working for longer than six months with any one employer is not allowed. Study is only allowed for up to 3 months.

A Working Holiday Maker  is permitted to stay for 12 months from their date of initial entry into Australia irrespective of whether or not they spend the whole period in Australia.

The Australian Working Holiday Visa is available only to certain passport holders. These are as follows: -

United Kingdom
Republic of Ireland
Republic of Korea
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

From 1 November 2005, application for a second working holiday visa will be allowed either in Australia or overseas. To be eligible for a second Australian Working Holiday Visa, applicants will need to continue to meet the criteria for a working holiday visa outlined above, as well as have evidence of working three months emloyment as a seasonal worker in regional Australia.

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