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Australian Immigration should be a memorable experience. As Registered Australian Migration Agents we guide you through the total process. We provide a quality service that is friendly and accessible. We have many contacts and networks to assist you to migrate and settle in any part of Australia.

As a Registered Australian Migration Agent (MARN 0430179),  we strictly abide by the Code of Conduct. This enables us to provide you with solid and accurate information and professional advice.

Your application for the various classes of visa will be carefully and properly prepared and will be a quality document for assessment by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

An Australian migration agent can:

  • Advise you on which Australia visa may best suit you
  • Inform you of the documents you will need for your application
  • Assist you fill out the application form
  • Submit  the application for you and deal with the department.  (DIAC)

From the Migration Institiute of Australia: -

"Why use a Migration Agent"

Australia's migration rules are complex and are subject to frequent change. If you are a potential migrant you can have an assessment of your chances of success by consulting with a migration agent. And if you decide to make an application to migrate, an agent can make the whole process easier and more effective.

When you deal with a competent, experienced and honest migration consultant you maximise your chance of a successful outcome. You also save a great deal of time, as the agent will take responsibility for seeing that the application is prepared correctly and the right documents are provided.

The agent will also follow up with the processing office after lodgement to minimise delays and comply with documentation requests. The agent will also keep you informed about the status of the application and about any relevant changes to policy or regulations that could affect the outcome.

Choosing an Australian Migration Agent

There are several import factors you should consider when appointing a Migration Agent.

1. Registration

All migration agents operating in Australia must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). To be registered an agent must be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of immigration policy and procedure (by passing an exam), have good character (police clearance) and appropriate insurance. To maintain registration the Migration Agent must attend regular presentations on Legislation changes, policy etc.

All Registered Australian Immigration Agents must practise in accordance with a Code of Conduct, which is incorporated in Australian Migration Law.

Unregistered Migration Agents cannot offer this level of integrity and competence. Unregistered Migration Agents cannot operate in Australia but are able to operate in other countries (where Australian law does not apply). Accordingly your most important protection is to ensure that any Migration Agent you choose is an Australian Registered Migration Agent.

2. Member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)

Confirm that the Registered Australian Migration Agent is a member of the MIA.  A Registered Australian Migration Agent who is a member of the the Migration Institute of Australia is allowed to have the letters MMIA after their name. The Registered Australian Immigration Agents should also be able to give a membership number.

The MIA is the professional body which represents the migration consultancy profession industry in Australia and is recognised as such by the Australian Department of Immigration.

The MIA investigates any complaints against members.  If you are unhappy with the service provided you can complain to the MIA as well as MARA. Membership of MIA by your agent gives you further protection.

3. Contract

A Registered Migration Agent will supply you a contract outlining the details of the visa application, including visa sub-class, costs including visa application charges and other information sheets that are legally required to be given.

4. Relocation

If your Registered Australia Migration Agent is based in Australia, then they are in an excellent postion to provide valuable assistance and contacts to assist you in your successful relocation and settlement in Australia. These may include banks, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, education specialists, Government Departments and Chambers of Commerce. Having gone through the above process to select an agent, you can feel confident your case is in good hands.

Remember that unregistered Australian Migration Agents are not accountable to any Australian authority for their actions and have not had to pass any exams or maintain their professional development.

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