Australia Student Visa Options

If you are considering studying in Australia there are a number of different Australia Student visas available to you depending on which qualification you are seeking. ACL Migration Agents can assist you with any Student Visa application you may wish to make. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Australian Student Visa subclass options are given below:-

573 Visa - Higher education

This visa is for persons who wish to pursue a Bachelor degree (and some other degree options such as associate degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, or Masters by coursework)

574 Visa - Postgraduate research

This visa is for persons doing a Masters by research or a doctoral degree.

570 Visa - ELICOS -English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

This student visa is for stand-alone English language courses that may be required to further your studies.

571 Visa - Schools Sector for primary or secondary school courses

This visa is for persons who would like to send their children to Australia to attend primary or secondary school. It can also be for certain secondary school exchange programs.

572 Visa - VET - Vocational education and training

This visa is for the hands-on person for to obtain AQF Certificates I, II, III or IV diploma, advanced diploma and other vocational related diplomas

575 Visa - Non-award Sector

This visa is for non-award foundation studies, or other full-time courses that do not lead to an Australian qualification. Note if you require to undertake a foundation course as a prerequisite to another course e.g. a degree, then you should apply for a visa suitable for the higher course.

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